Algear Moanstiq
Alegar Moansti

One of the Old and Wise of the Saresii Council, he is the chairperson and one of the most revered decision makers in the Saresii government.

Alegar is currently also the Spokesperson and civilization representative of the Saresii.

He is biological male but appears like all Saresii to be female.

He is over 200 years old and a very good Telepath. He has a Heidelberg Psi Index of 1900. While he is an excellent Telepath, he has only very rudimentary telekinetic abilities (Which recently seem to increase ever since he belongs to the Three Wise men)

Alegar is best friends with the planetary representative of Nilfeheim and the Civilization representative of the Narth.

These three are rarely seen separate and received the moniker: “The three wise men of the Assembly” by other assembly members and developed into an unofficial institution as other assembly members almost always follow their suggestions.

Alegar is 200 cm tall weights about 70 kilos.

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