Ahlquist Clan

Old Clan on Nilfeheim. – The Ahlquist Clan was once a proud and prosperous Clan with a large burg, a sizeable fishing fleet and with a long history. The last Clan Chief Nilf Ahlquist was caught engaging in an act of Sodomy in 4987 and dismissed from the Council of Chiefs and the Elders decided to giveBaromir Ahlquist, the Clan Chiefs younger brother the lead over the Clan. Nilf refused to accept the Elders decision and killed Baromir and several of his own Clan leaders.

To enforce the Will of the Clan, a Coalition of Chiefs (eager to get a part of the Ahlquist riches) attacked the Ahlquist Burg, killed most everyone including Free and Low men and threw Nilf from the keep of his own burg.

The Coalition of Chief then started to fight against each other as to who would get the burg and the loot. The Elders intervened and decided to seal the Burg until the next Thing meet where they would decide who would get what.

The Name, the flag and seal of the Ahlquist Clan was destroyed and stricken from all record. (Except from the lists at Haswick)

Carl Ahlquist, the youngest brother of Nilf was off planet during that time and was part of a Mercenary unit. He returned with a Union Court Order reinforcing his legal and right claim to the Burg.

The Circle of Elders grudgingly had to accept.

A raiding party of Neo Vikings from several clans tried to take the Burg by force but was met by a handful of heavily armed Off-World mercenaries who had no problem repelling the attack.

Since then no one has seen or heard of Carl, an
d no one has set a foot on Ahlquist Rock in the East Sea.

(Carl Ahlquist lives quietly and under a pretended name as a Free-man in the town of Halstaad Fjord, where he often helps his only friend Hogun Olafson. Carl was also one of Eric Olafson’s combat instructors)

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