Brown alice
Alice Brown

Communist and Environmentalist -Pre Astro Earth

Alice Brown was a typical product of western Society of pre-astro Terra, a person who believed in utopian and unrealistic condition. And who believed that wealth should be shared with all and that the efforts of creating wealth should be done by others. Actual work was not to her liking, but she found meaning in protesting and sit ins.<p> <p lang="en-US" style="margin-bottom: 0cm">She and a large group of green enthusiasts left Earth during the “Second Exodus” to a paradise-like world called Sunflower, Planet. They received DNA tailoring allowing them to absorb sunlight and turn it to partial nourishment for their bodies (Photosynthesis) and became green skinned as a result. Of course they still needed food as Sunlight and photosynthesis only provided a few percent of the energy a humanoid needed.

Alice Brown was killed and eaten by starving colonists of her own group and the communist and enviro-wacko ideas were replaced by survival and work by those who survived.

Alice Brown's legacy lives on in the name of the first Settlement of Sunflower: Alice Brown Town

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