Alice enigma1
Alice Enigma,

an orphan found by Nestor Faller (aka Fusionbeam ) on Sin 4 . Nestor witnessed as a baby girl was tossed of a garbage scowl flyer onto Waste Island. Despite his own terrible situation, Nestor managed to nurse the baby girl back to health and raised her like his own daughter.
Alice and Nestor encountered the crew of the Tigershark as they conducted an covered expedition onto Trash Island in the year 5020. Alice was approximatley 17 years of age at that point.
Alice demonstrated tremendous Psionic powers . Narth is convinced she is among the most powerful Telekinets almost reaching Narth levels.
Narth more or less adopts the young girl and teached her how to use her gifts without hurting herself.
The girl considers Nestor her father and has a close relationship to Narth and staid aboard the
Tigershark for the duration of her missions.

Sne completed Union School aboard the Tigershark and had herself conscripted as a crew member.
She takes on the name Alice Enigma , as an homage to the USS Enigma . (One of the Janus Disguises of the Tigershark)

Despite many offers and enticements she refuses to enlist in the PSI Corps and remains aboard the USS Tigershark until the last cruise. She becomes a Helmsman and is rated just short of 910.
(Shaka is the only helmsman ever to reach a perfect 1000)

[Alice's true origims are soon revealed

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