Alice Suits

Manufactured by DeNoir Corp .

A.L.I.C.E . = Armored Light Infantry Equipment

Often overlooked due to United Stars Marines domineering use of Gilgamesh , Titan , Quasimodo and Atlas Battle suits (manufactured by SII ), the ALICE suits are considered by many experts as the best personal armor equipment currently manufactured by anyone in the known Universe.

While DeNoir does not rely so much on neutronium coded armor mesh, (like SII) which makes armor suits extremely heavy, but uses nano-carbon waver field fabrics . (Part of the fabrics molecules resides in another state of space and matter) that makes the wearer look like shimmering in and out of reality at all times. (Developed in conjunction with Lt Cmdr. Tyron Suit ) The ALICE suits offensive system consists of an array of Battle Nanite sprayers , able to release deconstructing, aggressive nanites at near light speed and up to 1000 meters. Nanites are able to utilize nearly any matter present.

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