Board All Green

Board All Green

A hold over from the old ships of the United Earth (and now a Union Fleet tradition) - The Color green indicates :a condition as it supposed to be. And the control stations on a space ships were called control boards.

It is tradition on Union ships to call the engineering station the "Engineering Board " and it has both sensor and mechanical switch components. 

If all computronic controls fail, very basic functions can be activated or deactivated by analog controls.

The report All Green is given if the Hull Management section and the Enviromental Control section indicator show green.

Meaning all hatches,openings, doors, airlocks are sealed, eventual umbilicals or mooring clamps are detatched and the sip environmental systems work independent from any outside source.

The Captain or XO of a ship may give these traditional commands:

  • Make her All Green
  • Button her up
  • Make her spaceworthy

On Union Fleet ships, it is tradition for Marine Guards securing all entry points to a ship. It is them who manually check the access doors and report them locked. (It goesco inside witih a computronic check)

Engineering increased the interior air pressure to a few bars higher than the one outside and aero meters check the airflow. If there is a leak, thhe board won't go green.

Landing gear decontamination procedures are activated.  

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