This was a brand name of Schwartz Bio Genetics and designated a sentient Clone product, marketed as a humanoid organism with human intelligence, able to work or fight in the most adverse conditions while withstanding withering gravitational forces and extreme temperatures. While the Organisms were cloned and genetic engineered human beings, they were considered a product and corporate property. It should be noted that Rex Schwartz intervened personally and stopped the Alpha War Worker program (only a week before the outbreak of the Clone Revolts and the Gene Clone Attack 2099-2110) Rex Schwartz himself so it is claimed freed all Alpha Workers and offered them the same rights and contracts as any other Schwartz Employee or a sum of money to start their own life and career.
Many Alpha Workers signed up and became the Core of the then new Schwartz Security, several thousand Alpha War Workers, now called Saturnians (The name came from an advertisement campaign) received 4 Colony ships and settled a Garden world with very high gravitational pull, called Planet Odin. The Settlement received much initial help and generous financial aid from SII. The Colony boomed and prospered and became a major world.
When the Clone War came, SII did not participate and neither the Alphas now in Schwartz employment nor the Alpha’s that were Saturnians now did not get involved. (See the Good Company)

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