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Amalthea Union World - Jupiter  Moon- Sol System- 250 × 146 × 128 km 22,000 permanent residents +18,000 employees.

First Surface survey was made 2099 as part of the United Earth Jupiter Moon Suvery and the first permanent base "Barnard Base" was established in 2103. It was at first used as a Central point to survey the other moons and eventually Jupiter itself. The moon, mostly made of porous water ice was found to be a rich source of pulverized minerals mixed into the ice, with a relative high concentration of Rare Earths.  The abundance of water for fuel and life made the moon a prime candidate for mining. In 2109 the first Mining operations begun and in 2110 a starling discovery of a group of frozen Alien life forms. That they were sentient was given by the suits and tech items they had. This led to the Amalthea Mine Revolt and of seemingly insane miners until the hidden Psi Projectors could be found and deactivated by Phil Decker (Who investigated the Revolt and the killings) The Life forms were transported for further analyis to Venus. The moon was turned into a Science Outpost and detailed research was done on the alien technology left behind. (See Outcasts of Atlantis) Amalthea became a TSI Facility and was turned over to NAVINT in 2222. Amalthea remains a NAVINT Xeno Bio Research Facility to this day but is not highly classified and serves mostly as a NAVINT Bio Research School to train Agents in Bio Intelligence. Guided Tours can be booked and the NAVINT Spy Stuff Museum is worth a trip.

It is still a TSI outpost (Hiding in plain site)

Main Employer NAVINT Administration - NAVINT Desk Analytics

Amalthea ( /ˌæməlˈθiːə/ AM-əl-THEE-ə; Greek: Αμάλθεια) is the third moon of Jupiter in order of distance from the planet. It was discovered on September 9, 1892, by Edward Emerson Barnard and named after Amalthea, a nymph in Greek mythology.[7] It is also known as Jupiter V.

Amalthea is in a close orbit around Jupiter and is within the outer edge of the Amalthea Gossamer Ring, which is formed from dust ejected from its surface.[8] From its surface, Jupiter would be an astonishing sight in its sky, appearing 46.5 degrees in diameter.[b] Amalthea is the largest of the inner satellites of Jupiter. Irregularly shaped and reddish in color, it is thought to consist of porous water ice with  amounts of other materials. Its surface features include large craters and high mountains. Mount Cherubim is the highest Ice mountain in the Sol System with 6,000 m to its peak.

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