Amel trash
Amel, Trash Island

This specimen was collected by Dr. Rebecca Dunns . (Xenobiologist and former member of the USS Tigershark crew)

These myriapodous arthropods were originally from Troga (a Togar main world) and are vicious vermin with strong mandibles and a venomous bite. (Amel, Troga )

This specimen has six times the size of a Troga Amel and its venom is much stronger and deemed lethal to a BaPhy1 Carbon life form.

The Army Corps of Engineers and later Tricorp cleaned up trash island (completed in 5050 ) and eradicated all Non Sin 4 [1] life forms. And it is generally believed the Trash Island version is now extinct, except for a few specimen at the Bioform Collection of the Venus Zoo ( suspended animation - not on display)

[1] Renamed Woorld

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