Ancient Egypt1

It is not known who influenced who but it is generally accepted that the Ancient Egyptians on Earth were visited several times by Sarans. Scholars also believe that the first contact was made as a Saran ship crash landed on Earth and its crew remained on Earth and mingled with the local population. DNA patterns found by Genetic Forensic Scientists seem to confirm that theory. Most Saran and Terran scholars agree that off and on contact were made several times and both Cultures adapted patterns, ideologies, religious ideas and cultural ideas from each other. While some believe that the Earthers worshipped the Visitors from Space as Gods, others discard that idea due to the fact that the Sarans also worship the same gods. Due to the long Saran Civil war and the subsequent split of the Saran Empire into the Saran Kingdom and the Pan Saran Empire many original Saran records of that time were lost. While the Old Egyptian Civilization on Earth declined and vanished long before the industrial evolution on Earth. Sarans rediscovered Earth approximately 3500 years ago and believed at first Earth to be a forgotten Saran Colony due to the almost identical biology and still evident artifacts and ruins of the Old Egyptian culture. It was this believe that motivated the Sarans to reveal themselves to then Pre Transluminal Tech Earthers and assist them with the knowledge of Faster than Light Technology and thus affect the Ascent of Earth to the Galactic Stage. The appearance of the Sarans on Earth revived the Ancient Egyptian Civilization basically overnight and many Earthers joined Saran religions and adopted Saran fashions and styles (|the time after 2120 until the Second Exodus is often referred to as the New Egyptian Age by scholars and historians specializing in this period of History) For more information on the Ancient Egyptian Civilization follow this Link.

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