Andorian Restaurant on Luna

this is a famous Restaurant in the Captial city of Luna (Earth Moon) that serves authentic Andorian Food. Andorians are known for their almost stone age technology way of cooking and preparing foods. Andorian Foods are heavy on char broiled, fire roasted and hot stone baked food items, seasoned with native herbs and salt.

The Restaurtant of Luna is the only authentic Andorian Restaurant in the Inner Sol System.(There is another Andorian Restaurant on Celesta in the Trans Neptunian Region of the Sol System.)

Maynaro's Andor Specialties with the famous Tag line:

"Where Every Meal is a Tall Order"

exists now for over 200 years and is considered an "Old traditional Establishment".

Prices are moderate and portions "Andorian" which means big.

It is more of a family and casual dinner restaurant than a fancy one. Despite the family , rustic atmosphere with lots of Andorian decoration and open fire pits.It has always enjoyed good reviews and a eighty percent of its patrons are regulars that eat there at least once a week.

Famous Regulars include:

  • Admiral McElligott, Admiral of the Fleet
  • Alex Enroe, the III, CEO and President of Enroe Industries
  • Dominique DeNoir, President and CEO of DeNoir Fashions
  • Nostradamus Modernus, GalNet Personality and Astrologer
  • Alycia Lichfangh, General of the PSI corps
  • Norbi Norbus, GalNet Show Host
  • Mickey the Mouse, Self decalred God of the Church of Mickey


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