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The Andorian are humanoids with an average height of 360-400 cm. It is believed that the Andorians are not part of the Human Mystery but are actually part of the Lost Arks. (During the Second Exodus many thousand Settler Arks left Earth to find new planets and colonize them. Of the 78,699 known Arks 244 were considered lost. )

The Andorians have Terran human DNA with the typical DNA grafts that were part of the then freely done Gene Tailoring.

The Andorians come from a planet that was once a Freon World, now called World of Andor, or simply Andor. It is only 175 light years from Terra, but has not been visited or rediscovered by Terran/ Union ships unit 3112.

The Explorers rediscovering Andor found the very tall humans in near Stone Age conditions, who remembered their origin, but had lost much of their technological knowledge.

Little history of the early days on Andoria has survived, as the settlers had to battle an extremely hostile world and Freon rebels at the beginning of their colonization.

Recent archeological research on Andor confirms many of the lore and legends of the Andorians.

After being rediscovered the Andorians joined the Union and recovered fast and returned to be a modern society. There are about 120 Million Andorians today, most of which live in the Andor System, but occasionally Andorians do join the Fleet or settle and work on other planets.

The Andorians have a Communistic, group society where everything is shared and private property is prohibited on Andor. However there are Andorians who maintain private Credit Accounts in Union Banks. (The Trade Haven on the large Moon Andors-Eye is the only place in the system with off world businesses, restaurant chains and the like that are not owned by the Andorian People)

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