Annapolis City on Arsenal IV

Annapolis City

Main City on Arsenal IV

Union Mega City.

Annapolis City is unique as everyone is either working for the Union fleet (or other armed forces services) or are families of federal employees. The shop owners and business owners are without exception either former Uniion employees or former fleet members.

Annapolis is the biggest city on ArsenalIV and also the biggest city in the system.

The sixteen million permanent residents and the about 12 to 14 temporary residents are either directly military or civilian service personnel.

Everyone has military security clearance of some level. Security is provided by Fleet Security and the Union Marine Corps. There is virtually no crime and military like order and dicipline everywhere.

One of the Fleets HQs is located in Annapolis City. The Annaplois Fleet HQ contains "Stahl's Office

When he is not aboard the Devi, it is here where he maintains his personal staff and office.

This fact is often expressed by residents of Annapolis City, who nicknamed their City. "Stahl's City"

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