United earth dome

United Earth Dome in Antarctica City

After the United Earth Congress declared Antarctica as the 'Center of Earth' in 2091 OTT, a decision was made to build 'Capitol City of the Earth' there. The original decision made no reference of the name of the future city; it would later be named Antarctica City. Three individuals were chosen to work on the general design of the city, and once their general plan was given the go ahead, this committee was held accountable for the day to day process of building the Capitol City.

One of the major sites in the city is the Antarctica Dome. (Originally the seat of the United Earth Congress, today it contains the United Earth Humanity Museum.)

Antarctica City suffered heavily during the Super Crisis of 2120 as the EMP bomb left the city without lights and heat.

The Clone War 2099-2110 led to an assault of Superhuman Clones on the Governmentof Antarctica. in 2121 and culminated in Richard Stahl and the Steel Gauntlet fighting a tremendous battle inside the Antarctica Dome.

The terror attack in 3591 OTT, killed 400 at Antarctica City and destroyed the old Earth Assembly building.

Today, Antarctica City is the 2nd largest city on Terra, with a 5.835 million population as of 5040 OTT. It is one of three Terran cities that permits flier traffic.

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