TL 7 (before Union Membership) AL 7

Carbon based -LDLS - Grav 0.9  - NiOx


On the out most reach of Union influence past the Klack Empire in the Perseus Arm is the sphere of the Archa with six solar systems. The Archa joined the Union only recently. Even though being a very small power on galactic scale and having reached Tech Level 7. The Klack feared the Archa tremendously. The Klack generally known as race having no fear warned Union explorers of the eight legged nightmare monsters roaming in an area of space known in Klack legends as K'Nnktyensh (Darkness of Certain Death Space). This of course had the opposite effect on Terran explorers and they made contact with an arachnoid sentient species that very much resembled Terran tarantula spiders, except that Archa measure up to 7 meters from leg to leg. While the Archa shared similarities with many spider-like life forms, especially those found on Earth they were not related or shared DNA similarities. The Archa are a distinctly different species.

The Archa became Union members and while the Klack still get slight panic attacks upon seeing an Archa, intellectually they too accepted the Archa as members. (The historic meeting of the Klack Queen and the Sac Mother of Archa was transmitted on all GalNet channels and caused much less panic stampedes on Klack Worlds as anticipated and that was seen as a good sign.

Archa developed hand like manipulators on all their legs, can digest solid foods even though they still prefer nutrition in liquid form. They have an Endo- and Exo-skeleton and can produce over 400 different spider silks. Many types of woven spider silks are marketed with great commercial success and Archa silk is considered the most expensive fabric exceeding even Saresii silk qualities. A yard of Grade A Archa Silk is worth 12,000-14,000 credits.

Main imports: Dairy, Tech

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