Due to the fact that the Archas of Archa opposed clearing land large enough to accomodate a Class A space port [1] and their original space port at the bottom of their ocean was hoplessy inadequate to service and accommodate Union ships [2]; the moon Toru (the larger of the two moons of Archa) was utilized as the site for the Class A Space port ( Construction completed in 5017 ).

To reach the space port a number of shuttle towers were errected, these constructs needed little footprints and could be errected by removing only a few trees. 

These constructs are quite simple. Some are as tall as 800 meters, with a 300 meter disc shaped landing platform on top. Almost all of them feature an observation deck, some with restaurants or businesses (such as souvenir shops and silk fashion vendors for tourists).

There are large freight capable elevators in the central shaft.

Some feature an attended lobby at the ground with shuttle service ticket booths and info bots. Recently many of the towers are connected via sub surface planet mover tubes for freight and passenger services.

While a TransMatter tunnel service was established in 5050 from the former underwater space port to the space port moon, the towers remain very popular especially with Archas that now own private shuttles and inter system flyers. 

The towers have and are always been popular with Archa teens and kids, who love to jump of the high towers using trailing silks to swing into the tree canopies below.

[1] Part of the new member civilization development package that comes Union membership is the construction of a Class A  space port close to the new civilizations core world.

[2] While there was no objection to expand the underwater space port to accomodate large Union ships, the Union bephemoths created huge tidal waves during landing and lift off operations.

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