Arsenal X

Jovian type planet (Gas Giant) in the Arsenal System. The Planet was not utilized until 5020, but as if 5021 several Refineries were placed on its upper gas layer. All nine Moons are utilized by Union military

The Nine Moons of Arsenal X

  1. Javelin, Moon  United Stars Army - Gun Ship Training School
  2. Morning Star, Moon  United Stars Army - Small Arms Testing and Evaluation Center
  3. Spear, Moon  United Stars navy - Small Arms Testing and Evaluation Center
  4. Club, Moon  Military Exchange Administration ( Military XChange)
  5. Sword, Moon  United Armed Forces - Small Arms Museum and Collection - Arsenal
  6. Dagger, Moon  United Armed Forces - Uniforms design and Research Facilities
  7. Warhammer, Moon  P Bomb Factory
  8. Ax, Moon   Translocator Bomb Factory
  9. Arrow, Moon  Translocator Tech Training Facility (Highly restricted Access)