[[Dark Object|
Dark Object SO 5089-7464
Dark Object]] SO 5089-74,564 entered as Ashley Rose.

Discovered by an automated Survey Probe and more detailed inspected, the DO was named Ashley Rose. So entered by a crew member of the Survey cruiser.


Long Range Probe 68477 dropped out of quasi space and reduced speed to drift. It was standard procedure.

It had just completed a detailed scan of GS cubicle 5739,4923,233 and was now begun to do the same to GS cubicle 5744,4923,233.

The fully robotic, highly intelligent but non sentient probe was just one of over four million similar probes that took part in the Galactic Survey project.

Each search area was five light years to the square.

The probe was scanning for celestial objects like suns, solar systems, dark objects, nebula and matter concentrations. it scanned for mass, energy sources, made radiation and particle counts. It checked for communications on  all known communication bands and methods.

The previous eight cubicles were remarkably unremarkable. None contained any objects that exceeded one gram of mass. The radiation and particle count was well within expected parameters. Still the probe had transmitted the results dutifully via GalCom to the GS Data repository on Coreview planet. Where the results of its meticulous survey joined the results of million other cubicle surveys done by all the other probes and the manned explorer ships that crossed the galaxy on the same mission."

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