Assembly resolution 59 of the fifth October 5016 - Given the defacto declaration of war on the Union by the pirate Red Dragon and his associates with their attack on Outpost 96, it is proposed to put to a vote by Union Citizens the following question:

Given the use of Free Space as a safe haven for pirates which can use it to regroup after attacking locations and ships within Union Space, it is proposed to temporarily ignore the terms in the Free Space Treaty and remove that safe haven.  Doing so will risk a war with the other signees of that treaty, a war that is judged to end with a likely Union win, but not without cost of billions of lives and ships.  Vote "Yes" for decisive military action including ignoring the Free Space Treaty or "No" for a tempered approach that will respect the terms of the Free Space Treaty while doing everything possible without violating existing treaties.

The proposal was defeated by a much narrower margin than expected with 48% of the Citizens voting for decisive military action, while 52% voted for a tempered approach.

Classified Red-Red-Red Edit

The Assembly resolution 59 of the fifth October 5016 and it's results were part of the reason the timetable of Project Fish was moved up at least one year.