The Atakarr are distant cousins of the Attikan who had left the Large Magellan Cloud and settled in a region of space close to Freon Territory in the M-0 galaxy.

The Atakarr became the warrior species for the Freons who, unlike their brothers the Ferons, did not like to fight for themselves. The Atakarr became the enforcers and a species of mercenaries fighting whatever wars the Freons needed to fight.

When United Earth destroyed the Ferons in Operation Thunder Storm in 2204 OTT, the Freons sent the Atakarr to retaliate. However United Earth was now part of the new founded Union and the Atakarr faced not United Earth but the United Stars of the Galaxy. Even though the Union had only four members (Saran, Pan Saran, Ult and United Earth) it was already a force to be reckoned with and it resulted in the complete destruction of the Atakarr Directorate and the extermination of all known Freons in 2221 OTT.

Today only a few Atakarr tribes that remained in the Magellan Cloud exist, and they became Union Members along with all Attikan Commonwealth members.

[1] Recent DNA mapping research points to a direct biological connection to the Jooltar

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