Atheists of Terra

a civil liberty group founded in London England on Earth in 2034. It was supposed to be an answer to the religious people of the world. It was a group that attracted a lot of socialistis and similar thinking people. They started to meet on Sundays to drink and smoke pot and have open sex with anyone.

But the group evolved an matured over the years somewhat and in 2089 had over 3 million members world wide.

The arriving Sarans at first seemed to vindicate their atheist views, but much to their dismay the new comers brought their own religion along. A religion they shared with the Ancient Egyptians.

A core group of the Atheists of Terra became a militant terror organization and commiting Acts of Terror. Destroying any potential to be taken serious.

The Group was outlawed.

In 2156 all remaining members were given the chance to leave Earth. 160,000 Atheists of Terra accepted and left Earth for Planet Reason.

The group eventually developed into the Atheist Association and they are at the Number one spot in the list of Union registered religions and faith groups/ (The Union Assembly argued that chosing not to believe in any diety or supernatural power is still a believe. Since no scientific provable knowledge exists that there are no Gods or no God) This group has 840 Bilion active members in 5050

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