Attika is the Main world of the Attikan Commonwealth and Seat of the Attikan Emperor.

With the exception of the Palace and ancient families sprawling estates there are no surface buildings on Attika. There is a Class C Space Port and a Trans Matter Tunne lConnection[1] to the Moons and planets in the System. All industry and all Administration has been moved from the main world for almost 2000 years now.

The Emperors Palace however is a sprawling city sized affair with deep underground facilitates such as the Attikan Archives, a Necropolis with the bones of the Emperors and High ranking families and several temples.

Attika features huge Tundras and Terra-African Savannah type landscapes. |To keep the Environment as untouched as possible was a decision Attikan Emperors made right after the Attikans ascended. Many old cities have been completely leveled or moved bit by bit to other planets.

The oldest Attikan Surface city for example was moved to the last brick , road tree and speck to Attikak, a Planet seven light years away.

Visitors are welcome and there is a brisk |Tourism indistry - The Palace , except for the Emperors private chambers are open to the Union public and an often visited attraction.

Hunters for the Savannah beasts must apply for hunting licenses from local families (rarely given)

Law is Union + strict Local laws

Import: Super Lux, Groceries

Export: Attikan art, music, entertainment and religious trinkets, souvenirs

[1] The Transmatter Tunnel Connections are relative new and only there since Union Membership