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TL 8   AL 8  , NiOx breathers, LDLS Consumers, Contact Level : Full Union Memnbers since 4802 OTT - Union Member # 3454

Known to Terrans and Union as the Large Magellanic Cloud 160,000 lightyears from the Milky Way Galaxy , the LMC is home to a Canine Civilization known as the Attikan Commonwealth . The Attikans who are technologically as advanced as the Terrans and the Union conquered over 40 percent of the LMC and incoroprated other local Civilizations into an empire that eventually became a Commonwealth, a political community founded for the common good, with member civilizations of the former Attikan Empire.

The Attikan developed from a Canine lifeform somewhat similar to the Terran Hyena, their social structure is strongly pack oriented with a Alpha male leader at the center. This concept became the structure of Attikan society, with an Alpha Male as society leader (elected at first with real fights and later with a ritualistic from of fights) The Attikan society was absolutley ruled by Alpha Males for msot of their history and until about 3000 year ago, when Akt Tictiv changed all this and raised other Attikan and Non Attikan to equal status and even allowed females to be educated and attain government posts (short of Alpha Male).
This was the birth of the Attikan Commonwealth and despite many doomsday sayers it worked suprisingly well and cemented the dominant position of the Attikan as leading civilization in the LMC.

First Contact was made by a private Explorership of SII. Schwartz Industries established its own trade lane chain of Stations modeled after the Bridge and developed deep commercial ties with the Attikan Commonwealth. The SII Attikan Trading Inc. is a subsidary of SII and provides over 30 percent of all SII revenue.
Attikan seal

Attikan Commonwealth

The Attikans applied for Union membershib in 4802 and within twenty years every Commonwealth member also applied.
Attikan Technology had been almost equal to Union tech and substantially advanced in Spaceship propulsion technology. (The Attikan Version of the ISAH drive is faster, more reliable and more effcient)

Attikans are very well integrated into the Union and many are found in the Fleet or serving the Union Marine Corps. Psionic talented Attians exist but are very rare and usually found in the Attikan priest society. Religion does play a very little role in Attikan society and most Attikans do not believe in Gods or any concepts of after life.

There are two distinct groups: The spotted and the striped Attikans.
It is how their fur is patterned. It has no impact on social standing or social order, but Attikans can fill books telling each other the fine differences between striped and spotted Attikans.

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