Atikan dred2

Attikan war ships that fall into the Dreadnought Class of ships. They are roughly equivalent to the Union Super Dreadnought (SDN) class.

They are 3200m long, 1950m wide and 1340m deep. They carry Attikan engines, multiple layers of shields. Their main armament is classified as to number and types, as is the number of armed auxiliaries it carries.

Shown is the Fector Class  3200 m Attikan Dreadnought

Combat Threat Assessment : 899/1000

Original Design : Imperial Capital Ship Development - Attikan Tech Academy - Attika

First unit completed in 4449 (OTT) - Union Tech Upgraded in 4502 (OTT) -

The upgraded version has a CTA of 998/1000

Attikan Space ship technology and overal Tech Level was only little behind Union Tech and soared after Union membership.Union Fleet Command decided to retain over 90 % of the Attikan Fleet and to integrate the Imperial Capital Ship Development department of the Attikan Tech Academy as a fully independent department of the Capital Ship Development Bureau, giving it a large budget and free range to further develop Attikan based designs. 

The Attikan Fast Dreadnoughts introduced in 4800 are among the finest Combat Ship developments in Union history. ation and translight. 

SDN-As traditionally carry no fighters, but Attikans have embraced the (for them) new concept of Fighter Craft and developed the HYNEA - Attack fighter .Many of the "numbered fleets" have an entire battle group of these ATD - (Union Ship class - SDN-A)  

Attikan Dreadnoughts are not as well armored and carry less armament as a compareable SDN , but they make up for this in speed. The latest SDN-A types are 60 % faster than regular Union battle ships both in acceler

(See Hyena - Attikan Fighter ) The  Hyena program ceased when the Dai joined the Union (but Attikan engine designers continued to work on the new fighters (Karhi-Wolfs )

The Fector Class -3200 m - (Fector U )

  • First unit: USS Emperor Activ
  • Keel laid : 4800 OTT
  • Length: 3202 m
  • Diameter: 800 m
  • Special: Attikan Dreadnoughts can not make planet fall (except in emergency situations) [1]

[1] The latest versions can, but are usually serviced in space docks.