This article is about the capitol of New Texas.  For the capitol of the state of Texas on Terra see Austin.

The first four arks[1] landed aproximately equidistant from each other along the equator, and became the starting point for the colonzation of New Texas.  Besides the four same named comunities that started around those arks, several other  were formed and given names that at least sounded like they would have been around in the early to the middle of the 19th century[2].

To decide on the location of the Capitol, the names of the four arks were placed in a ten gallon hat and the one selected was Austin.  It currently has a population of several million.  It's importance as a capitol diminished somewhat once New Texas joined the Union.


  1. The four arks that landed in 2130 were the  Austin, San Angelo, San Antonio and Houston.
  2. Roughlly two thirds of the comunities practiced a mixture of 22nd and 19th century technology inspired in part by an old cartoon (Jetsons Dude Ranch).  There intentionally was varying degrees of acuracy in the reimagined "Old West"
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