Auto Doc

General term for a wide variety of automated medical first Aid devices. Auto Docs, as sophisticated they can be do not replace medical personnel or medical doctor, but can be life savers in situations where a doctor is not available. From very basic diagnostic models to the highly sophisticated Field Kit Auto Docs issued to the Fleet, to the Explorer Corps,Marines and Army. Modern Combat Suits have an Auto Doc Unit integrated.

There is hardly a device that demonstrates the supremacy of Union technology than the current DeNoir – Dr. Kelly ® Auto Doc, standard issue of every Union Military Field Kit. This Auto Doc has the ability to diagnose diseases and injuries of almost every life form known to the Union and can replicate and direct up to 2 million medical Micro Bots to repair tissue, carry molecular medication directly to the affected cells and replicate bandages, splints and dermal tissues for almost every known Union Life form. An analysis and expert doc feature can connect the device direct to Med Central and ask for further treatment advise. ( only while in GalNet Range). Auto Docs are not designed for prophylaxis, altering surgery or medical procedures that exceed the first aid envelope.

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