Admiral holman
Bartholomew “Barry” Holman
was born on Earth on March 12th, 4899 North America Region (Boston) but raised on Factory as his parents were Union School teachers at the Union basic Schools for the X101 on Factory.

Barry developed a deep friendship with the planets AI and keeps close contact with Mother Machine.

It was soon discovered that Barry was a Class 12 Intellect and very interested in Computronic development, Biotronic technology and Cybertronics. Barry achieved his first PhD in Computronic Pathway Design at the age of 12 from the University of Factory and his fifth PhD in Nano Material Sciences from the University of Boston, Earth, at the age of 15.

Barry was accepted in the Mastermind Society on Luna in 4920. He worked for SII Smart Systems Institute on Omni Planet for 12 years and then decided to join the United Stars Science Corps and after serving 24 years as Science officer attached to the CLOAK Taskforce, he switched services and joined the United Stars Navy and became a well liked and successful Explorer Captain. He continued his studies and research in the Computronic field and was awarded the convened Isah Science Award nine times, the Terran Nobel Prize in Computronic Sciences 3 times and the Saresii Science Ribbon 2 times.

Admiral Holman Edit

When the Assembly granted the Fleets request to upgrade the ARMADA Fleet Computronic with a new Omnitronic, Project NELSON, he was offered the System Administration post and he happily accepted as he would be working closely with Mother Machine who is one of the chief engineers and developers of this project.

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