United Stars of the Galaxies –Basic School

Official Term for the first 5 years of Union School.

All children of Union Citizens must go to Basic School. Union Citizens are required to create and provide the conditions so their offspring can go to school. Basis School is a required precondition for anyone to enter Union School and complete 5 years of further education. After completion of Union School a person graduates and becomes a Union Citizen with all rights, privileges and responsibilities

The 5 year marks are guidelines and based on the standard Union year. Individuals may have to repeat school years or may advance faster due to abilities. Further adjustments to this time requirements exist to accommodate the needs and special abilities of various member species.

Immigrants and No Citizens who seek Union Citizenship must complete Basic School and pass the Basic School Test,

Basis School is part of the Union School and governed by the United Stars of the Galaxies – Board of Education and the Assembly Council of Education.

Only individuals who have served at least 15 month in any branch of the military and have been discharged honorably can become Union School Teachers.

Basis School Curriculum focuses on basic communication skills (reading, writing, basic math, Union Lingo) as well as on art education and Union Citizen Knowledge (Xeno-biology, Union heritage etc.)

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