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Battle Robots

the concept of Battle Robots is not an universal one and only Terrans, Sarans and Saresii really developed dedicated autonomous machines for the sole purpose of Battle. (The X101 did too but their Battle Robots are sentient and technically Sentmacs)

No one is as obsessed with Battle robots as the Terrans.

Terrans have : Robotic ships, robotic bombs, Remote Drones and of course  Battle robots fighting alongside infantry.

Even before the Ascent, Terrans used Battle robots (Autonomous machines able to fight and kill) most other races simply don't trust Machines that can make death decissions without any morals guiding them.

United Earth and later the Union fielded a wide range of Battle robots from Micro bots and Nanites to the Leviathan Planet Siege Bephemoths of the Army. A secret fleet of updated Robotic Planet Bombs is still kept by the Union (Codenamed FINAL BLOW) SII keeps a Fleet of Robotic Star Destroyers (OMEGA ANSWER) based on Wurgus Sol Bombs.

But in general Battle robots are considered machines that fight alongside troops. Since 4000 the SII Cerberus Robot  series is synonymous with Union Fleet Battle Robots and are highly advanced very intelligent killer machines with the fire power of an entire Marine platoon.

Terran Robots like the CRAB (Image 1) were used in variations all the way to the advent of the first   humano shaped Hector Models.(Image 2) None of which have the same versatility and “Module Add on Capabilities of Cerberus Robots) Cerberus Robots have TransDim Shields, can repair up to 40 % Battle damage and have four back up brains to keep them fighting. The later models feature Translocator Cannons.

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