Beauty Boys

Social class / group of the Xandrao society. They are courtiers[1], persons who attend the court if the monarch. Often sons of powerful families. Within the court of Xandrao,they play an important role without having an official fuction and no officially recognized political powers. While the Xandrao society is a bisexual one, woman have few rights and no role in any aspect of social life [2] In Xandrao culture, the only acceptable companion to a male Xandrao is another Xandrao. Openly expressed homosexualtiy is a core feature of Xandrao culture. The male form is the central theme of Xandrao art. Beauty Boys are a special group acting and living in a stylized bouffant way, with a strong emphasis on expressive dance, make up, perfume and clothing. Important Xandrao often maintain a "harem like" group of Beauty Boys, and the Emperor maintains a large herd of Beauty Boys . The favorites of the Emperor often have the ear of the Emperor and thus have an indirect political important power.

[1]A courtesan was originally a courtier, which means a person who attends the court of a monarch or other powerful person. [2] This has changes somewhat after the Xandrao joined the Union. Woman still have no role in Xandrao society other than mother and childbearer, but female Xandrao are allowed to attent Union school and may seek any Union Career. They also now have all rights a Union Citizen has. Changes are very slowly accepted even among Xandrao women.

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