Union Member Species. - Large Magellan Cloud -

Union Member # 3453

AL: 7 TL before Union Membership 7+ (LSRD)[2]

NiOx Breathers  -Baphy 1 - Carbon based - LDRS Consumers


The Belanorm conquered by the Attikans about 2400 years ago, were given their independence and became part of the Attikan Commonwealth.

They were the first LMC sentient species discovered by SII Research Vessels [1] and the first to have steady trade relations. The Belanorm approached the Attikan Emperor and wanted to see if he allowed them to become Union members. The Attikan Emperor at that point had already visited the Union aboard a SII vessel and not only allowed the Belanorm to join the Union, but begun talks with the Assembly so the entire Attikan Commonwealth could join.

Many scholars believe and agree it was the Belanorm who were instrumental in the addition of the Attikan Commonwealth.

Belanorm can be found all over the Union and active in all social aspects of Union Society.

There are about 67 billion Belanorm .

Belanorm are bisexual, bipedal and have no social separation of sexes ( all social aspects of Belanorm and Union society can be occupied by male or female. Unusual is the fact that the role of mother and father are also a choice the individual makes) The biological aspect of mother and father end at birth of the offspring and the family makes the decision who takes on the social roles)

Belanorm have an outspoken love of law and justice and many are found in Law enforcement and law related occupations.

Main food source is vegetarian, but occationaly eat meats. Prefered environment : Warm and moist NiOX breathers.

Main world : Bela III ( System Bela)

[1] Before the Union ever sent out Explorer ships to the LMC and the SMC, SII- Explorer units had made contact with many Attikan commonwealth species and initiated Commerce. SII built its very own version of the Bridge to easier facilitate trade.

[2] Left Turning Sugars - Right Turning DNA helix -

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