Bennett family

Family of Freelancing adventurers that killed the original proprietors of an old Togar Mining Outpost known as Bhrama Port .(1) All this happened about 180 – 200 years ago and the Bennett family keeps the Port and the surrounding asteroid field mining operations under tight control.

The Bennett family is a rather large one and there are 80-90 known members. The Inner Core seems to be a group of siblings, but who is exactly in charge is a tightly kept family secret. Some believe there is no actual leader and the family members have all the same powers, but take care of different areas of the business.

Rumors have it that the Bennetts are an awry gone Kermac experiment to genetically alter Kermac to look like Shiss (for Intelligence reasons) or that the Bennetts are Shiss genetically altered to look like Kermac for similar reasons of course.

The fact is that the Togar Throne has a standing agreement with Bennetts for protection and recent events have shown that the Togar was willing to go to war against the Dai to protect the Bennetts.

Some say the Bennetts were the result of a Kermac genetic experiment and escaped the Kermac lab facility. they somehow came in contact with a Union fugitive of the Law (a human with the last name Bennett) Legend claims that he formed a family with the female leader of the Half Shiss/Half Kermac and together took over management of Bhrama Port ever since. 

(1) The history of Bhrama Port is much in the dark. Before it was a Togar Mining Outpost, It might have been a Kermac Research facility, before that Onglarians, Seenians and perhaps even more previous owners claimed that rock as theirs. 

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