The Big Corridor

also known as Union-Klack Corridor

( Upward - Coreward -Milkyway Galaxy )

Region of space – Defined by a Treaty between the Big Four and specifically :

the Galactic Council (Kermac) were present but could not claim to have any direct interests in this region.

After the Klack joined the Union , traffic between the Upward Sector (Core Union) and the Coreward Sector (Klack Empire) increased tremendously and without taking great detours via the Z plane or ( Fringe Arm regions) Traffic had to go right through the war zone between Shiss and Nul. 

Daily attacks and incidents on Union ships by Nul and Shiss units reached a point where the Klack Queen herself demanded that a solution needed to be found or the Klack would go to war against the Nul and the Shiss. Not even the Nul wanted that to happen and the so called Corridor treaty was enacted .

A strip of 30 light years wide and almost 3000 light years long was specified and declared Union Territory and neither Nul nor Shiss Ships were allowed to enter.

The Union colonized every possible rock and star system in that corridor and established a string of Trade Lane forts. The boundaries of the Corridor were in constant dispute thruought its existence.

The Union reacted with heavy hand and immideatley destroyed any ship without Union transponders that entered the corridor.

The Hazzzock Family (Shiss) lost several planets and systems and was especially bitter about that treaty.

The Corridor ceased to exist after the Nul joined the Union in 5021

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