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Blubber is a thick layer of vascularized adipose tissue found under the skin of all cetaceans , pinnipeds and sirenians .

This is about the Terran / Earth Blubber  found under the skin of all cetaceans, pinnipeds and sirenians.

For Tyranno Fin Blubber see : Tyranno Fin, Blubber

Lipid-rich, collagen fiber-laced blubber comprises the hypodermis and covers the whole body, except for parts of the appendages, strongly attached to the musculature and skeleton by highly organized, fan-shaped networks of tendons and ligaments. It can comprise up to 50% of the body mass of some marine mammals during some points in their lives, and can range from 2 in (51 mm) thick in dolphins and smaller whales, to more than 12 in (300 mm) thick in some bigger whales, such as right and bowhead whales. However, this is not indicative of larger whales' ability to retain heat better, as the thickness of a whale's blubber does not significantly affect heat loss. More indicative of a whale's ability to retain heat is the water and lipid concentration in blubber, as water reduces heat-retaining capacities, and lipid increases them.

Since the year 2800 some Whaling (the act of hunting whales has been reintroduced on Terra. Not commercially but to keep the numbers of Whales on a healthy level. Since commercial fishing has all but gone and virtually no surface or sub surface ship traffic, the populations of Terran Whales has virtually exploded. With no natural enemies and an abundance of food, Terran Marine Biologist have re-iintroduced Whaling , and each year a few hundred whales of all species are killed (usually sick or old species) Also natural dying whales that are washed ashore are sold on the Earth XChange in Anatactica City

A company in Okinawa Earth offers Vat Grown whale meat and blubber.

XChange Product Group : Food and Drink, - Aquatic Lifeforms and products. 

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