Blue Finner

large tuna like fish native to the oceans of Nilfeheim , and second only to the Silver flicker fish in terms of commercial value. (Tyranno are the most prestigious but not the most eaten or exported fish)

Blue Finner can be fished all seasons and via ice holes during Long night .

Recently several clans have begun with large ocean bottom fish farms that are submarine serviced. These tended fish farms yield consistent quality and ensure long term sustainability.

Blue Finner is a so called Oil fish, rich in Omega 3 Oils and a taste that is described as pleasant or delicious by many customers. It is described to be somewhere between Tuna and sword fish in taste.

Blue Finners come in three known species and three sizes.

The Fast Blue Finner reaches about 100 cm and is the fastest fish of Nilfeheim.

The largest is up to 300 kilos and has large fat reserves.

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