Boluren – One of the two Karthanian Merchant House Cities at the edge of the Glaring Desert of Profit on planet N'Ger. Established by the Engineers Guild approx. 10,000 years before UE by Karthanian Colonists during a time the Karthanian just developed their space ship building and Tech exporting society.The Guild Master's name was Boluren.

It is a City state with its own laws and conditions. Alliances and partnerships as well as hostilities and fights between the City states have existed for centuries and such alliances and animosities are changing constantly. Individual fights, schemes, assassinations and murder are a part of life.

Large scale battle with other houses is prohibited but, skirmishes are common, except  in the Glaring Desert of Profit. The Truth of the Eleven Houses prohibits that.

The City has a population of about 9.5 million, with slave and slum populations estimated an additional 9.5 Million. The Boluren controlled land with factories, towns, farms, mines etc spreads over about 10% of the Surface area.

This house controls large regions of the planet with smaller towns, villages, farms, factories and mines.The house maintains merchant ships, trade relations and has mercenaries fighting and protecting them.

The leading families are the Bolur-Lords, exclusively Karthanian. A City guard (hired) and a Lord Militia provides security and enforces the will of the Bolur-Lords and the ruling Lord Master.

Boluren has declared itself no longer part of the Karthanian society. It bought outdated and old vessels from other sources (Orkh, Togar, Ongloran, etc) and stripped them and rebuilt them using their own tech. The demand was there and the refurbished ships of good quality. 

The City colors are Gray and White. The tents and stalls at the Glaring Desert of Profit belonging to the city are marked in these colors.

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