Bone yard pl

Ships, equipment, robots, tanks and similar items that are outdated or otherwise redundant but could be useful again are stored on so called Bone Yard Planets.

Union Fleet Logistics maintains 112 such storage worlds. Usually cold and dry planets are chosen. These depot and storage planets are under the control of the UFL-Material Depot Department. The actual material handling and storage management is almost exclusively done by members of the Oromal civilization. The Oromals are often described as a society of pack rats and Union Fleet personnel from this species eagerly volunteers for these postings.

The Oromal keep meticulous lists of the items stored and often go scavenging to add to the collection of tech stored.

Note : Bone Yard Planet 72 was the place where the famous RAMA bot program and the left overs of this development have been stored.

An incident with stolen equipment at that planet led to increased security measures.



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