Bone Yard Zero
This is an almost mythical place and can be equated with the still famous Area 51 of Pre Astro Earth and similar places. It is often nicknamed Warehouse 13 or its official project name: Pandora’s Box.
Its location is about as secret as it can be; only a handful of individuals know where it is.
It contains the most dangerous artifacts, weapon developments know to the Union Civilization.
Items such as the Incubus Project, The Sleeping Beauties , The Lucifer Virus , The legendary Leedei Long Range Will Bender, The Nul Ultrigrav, SII Armageddon Hammer  and many items and things too dangerous to be used, too dangerous to be forgotten and too valuable to be destroyed.
Under direct authority of the Gray Ghosts – Bone Yard Zero was established on a Dark Wanderer in Trans galactic Deep Space between M-0 and Andromeda. It is accessed via a technological marvel called the Dark Bridge, a series of cloaked Hyper Jump Gates.

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