No one knows for sure were Bonglee originated, but almost all spacefaring societies know about them. They are silicone copper based slug and fungi symbiotic life forms able to live and thrive in nearly any environment with a temperature above 10 degrees.

Bonglee sustain themselves by digesting light alloys such as aluminum copper and the like. They have no gender and reproduce by separating an active cell sack every eight to twelve month. The more food or digestible materials they have the more often they reproduce.

If nourishment becomes scare they turn cannibalistic and attack anything that moves including and especially their own kind, their poison is lethal to 76 % of all known life forms. Bonglee are one of many life forms of the space ship vermin category, virtually unknown aboard Union ships, due to strict decontamination procedures, but widespread on less maintained private owned ships. Bonglee can be legally traded by anyone holding a XLT-4 license.

They are often held as pets by Shaill and considered a delicacy by 17 known species of which seven are Union Members.

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