Bonzora City

Sonora Dry ( Planet) - Union World Upward - Camisto Fringes Region M-0 Galaxy

At first survey Sonora Planet was an unremarkable very dry world with vast deserts , deep canyons and rugged mountains. But a second survey discovered underground water and desert sands containing mineral deposits of Chromium and Vanadium

These minerals are in great demand and made the comunity a rich one.

Several setlements were built only to be demolished and moved because of the mineral deposits underneath. 

In 3423 OTT the United Commitee of Sonora Dry miners and prospectors decided to invest in a floating city. Just as the ones used on Gas planets.No extensive shielding was needed.

Thus Bonzora City was constructed.

Today there are several ground and under ground cities. Bonzora City is the oldest community and the capitol.

About 100,000 individuals call the floating city home. It is also the seat of the local XChange and several mineral trading companies.  

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