Bopho is an exceptionally bright Neanderthal , born in the Neanderthal region to a nomadic tribe led by Nagho , who was the tribe's leader before him and who was most likely Bopho’s father. He was born around 650,000 years ago on Earth as part of a now extinct species of the Homo Genus. He and his tribe witnessed the arrival of the Anuna and their attempt to enslave and exploit the planet.

Bopho and his friend Wilto go on a journey to take the spear he used to kill a Walking Spirit to the giant of the Earth by the council of his Shaman.

This was only a ploy by the Shaman and Napho another member of his tribe to get rid of Bopho and his ideas. While the tribe prospered and grew to utilize these new ideas, the Shaman felt threatened by these changes.

Bopho is noticed by the Guardian and the Protector of Homo Sapiens could not let the Neanderthals succeed he picked Bopho as his first Immortal helper and bestowed Bopho with knowledge and understanding.

The Guardian allows Bopho to take his tribe to another planet.

The Neanderthals develop well and under Bopho’s guidance they develop into a space-faring civilization, rediscovered in 4198.

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