Bopho’s Tribe

Bopho’s Tribe was a large family group of about 35 individuals of the Homo genus, native to the Northern European area of Earth, approximately 450,000 years ago. They increased their numbers by incorporating the Beaver tribe and later members of a tribe of Homo sapiens. After Bopho played a major part in defeating the Anuna Invasion of Earth with the help of Wilto and the guidance of the Guardian, he and his tribe were re-settled to another Earthlike planet. By the command given to the Guardian by its creators, no other sentient life form was to develop on Earth and he had to take steps to make other species of the Homo genus extinct. However, the machine felt pity with Bopho after he went through great ordeals to fight against the Anuna and gave Bopho the means and the knowledge to resettle on a different planet and thus finding a loophole in his strict orders. Bopho’s tribe prospered under Bopho’s guidance and they developed into a space faring society of Tech Level 4 all on their own and were discovered by Union Explorer ships in 4198. Bopho who had been made immortal retired from leading his people now holds the professor chair of the University of Oxford for prehistoric, Terran archeology and is a well known lecturer and host of a popular Galactic Geographic Society GalNet show.

(See also: Exiles , a lost Terran tribe)

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