Three corners
Border Fort Three Corners was founded to serve as the headquarters for the Union Army protecting the Union-Klack Corridor .

The Fort is a 45,000 m refurbished and re purposed  Union Fleet  Mobile Fighter Base ( Hornet Nest type ) The Hornet's Nest FTL flight capability was removed, and replaced with a gravo anchor. The core weapons of 20 Translocator Cannons remained and operated by the Army Artillery Division

The base is headquater to the 45th Army Space Born Cavalry . After the Nul became members, this fort was expanded as it's functions included being one of the centers used to integrate members of the Nul Military into the Union. The name Three Corners came from the fact that the Fort was very close to the spatial coordinates where Union space, Nul Space and Shiss space met. It has been a region of constant conflict and incidents . Skirmishes between Nul and Shiss , Shiss raider incidents, Nul incursions and pirate activity. As this was the main connection between the Klack Expanse and the Union, there was and is a tremendous space flight activity with steady freighter and clipper traffic.  Rich picking and a continous temptation to pirates.  Pirates never took the Army as serious as the fleet.  In 5038 the Fort received a permanent detachment of the United Stars Navy Space Fighter Command ( 10 Wings of Wolfcraft ) It should be noted that after a few incidents and Wolfcraft deployments, Pirate activity faded to one or two incident per year (down from about 50) The Army argued that the main reason was the sudden reversal of the Nul from an enemy to an ally (and eventually member) was the reason. As a side note : Fort Three Corners was the site of the Army vs. Navy challenge of 5039 .

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