Brede rock
Bredenberg Burg

Clan home of the Bredenbergs on Planet Nilfeheim

the Bredenberg Burg is located near the Uhim Grounds and the five Clan Island. The Bredenberg Clan is part of the Eastern Clans alliance.

The original burg has been extensively damaged during the last Clan war and was rebuilt, using more contemporary designs and Duro Crete. 

The Burg has no crenelation and only one small tower. The burg has central heating and good plumbing. There are modern well lit work rooms for the Low men.

The Burg is considered by most Neo Vikings as the ugliest Burg of Nilfeheim .

Only very few know that the Burg is technically empty as the last male Bredenberg has died. The Burg is the secret lair of the Sisters of Nilfeheim.

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