Brigley’s Graviton StormsEdit


A Firsthand Account of How a graviton storm, More Powerful than the Nul-Nul Fleet, Dealt Death and Destruction to Admiral Brigley's third Fleet.

After the ascent when Earth became United Earth and had its own small space fleet, Terrans were not experienced spacers and had to learn the hard way that the seemingly empty vacuum of space could be dangerous all by itself. Graviton storms are a phenomenon that occur when Super stars flare up, or when black holes collide. Graviton wave fronts of fluctuating strength can interrupt artificial gravitation devices on unshielded ships. This is especially dangerous during acceleration or breaking phases when Arti Grav fields counter the enormous g forces that occur during high speed maneuvering.

In those early times, earth ships had very primitive and relative weak shields and the sensor technology to detect such graviton wave fronts was also in its infancy.

The Book Brigley’s Graviton Storms is required reading for all officers who want to command a starship one day. The reason for that is to highlight the fact, that space is dangerous and that there could always be new conditions and events that have not been encountered or expected before. That a commanding officer must always consider that his mighty star ship is a mere speck of sand in the ocean of space.

Note: It is one of the books Admiral Webb wants Eric Olafson to read.

(this is a homage to the Book: Halsey's typhoons :

a firsthand account of how two typhoons, more powerful than the Japanese, dealt death and destruction to Admiral Halsey's Third Fleet.

A book I had to read when I went to Officer’s academy …pre Astro of course)

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