The Brnass System

Upward Sector – M 0 Galaxy

Free Space / No Association

Brnass Star and system used to be associated to the Togar Empire but was abandoned by the Togar as being unimportant and to far away from their traffic centers.

The star is a White star Class F and a relative young system. The system has six planet of which all are rock core. It is fairly uncommon not to find any gaseous planets in a system of this type. It is speculated that the close by Nuthgr system and its massive star sucked much of the stellar gases out of Brnass system.

No detailed survey has been done on Union side as the system is inside Free Space and no Union ships are allowed to operate in this area.

All Survey data expressed here is based on civilian and private observations and might not be reliable.

Navigation: 7858,90394, 49584 – 12 Minutes – Galactic North-North-East

Except for Alvor’s Cove no data exists on the other planets of the system, but it is not believed they are utilized or inhabited.

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