Brown town
Brown Town

One of four cities on Sunflower, planet .

Around 4600 a group of Sunflowerians hired a Merchenary outfit to clean the Brown Town (at that point completley in ruins) and received a grant  from the Linda Schwartz foundation to rebuilt the city and an economy.

Brown Town is declared a City State and has its own Space port (Class C) It is the only city within Union space and on a Union Planet with a wall .

Brown Town is seperately represented at the Assembly , (Sunflower, the planet  has no rep or a real government)

Brown Town has grown  and is not just a city but a "Nation State" that spread over a large region ( Southern hemisphere) with 1.1 Billion citizen.

Main industry is agriculture.  

There are still raids and incidents where the lawless, anarchistic part of the planet population try to steal food and valuables.Usually ending in shootouts.

There is not a more hostile environment to Gal Drifts than Brown Town.  

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