secret order/ society within the Laurin Oghr society.

Because the Laurin Oghr are smaller and weaker than any of the other Oghr species they do not hire out as mercenaries, heavy laborers or guards as many of the other Oghrs species you know do. Laurin Oghr are known to be domestic servants. You know doing laundry, tailoring, gardening and being chauffeurs and such. They are ugly and they know it and because of it they learned to stay out of sight as much as possible, they do their work almost as if being invisible. This talent gained them a very good reputation and Laurin domestics often get better pay than domestics of other species.

The Laurin Oghr  are promoting and cultivating this reputation for a very long time, but as much as you can be a good domestic you can be a bad one. The same skills can serve you to be a good thief, robber and crook.  

The Bunthik are like the worm , a secretive underground society. They are among the best thieves and spies in the Universe and they know how to obtain information form their masters and use it for black mail and other illicit purposes. To stay alive and to give their skills and knowledge to new generations, they have developed many secretive ways. Including forms of communication no uninitiated observer would ever even notice. Such a finger and sign language; a complicated symbol written language etc.

The Bunthik, when caught are executed by the Laurin Oghr for doing damage to their reputation. Being a good domestic is like a religion to the Laurin Oghr.  

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