Burden of Guardianship
Burden of Guardianship

this is what the Belmac call their commitment serving the "Dead" of Tomb World. To the Belmac the dead talk to them and give them instructions.

This Burden influences the culture and all aspects of Belmac society.[1]


[1] Classified: The Crew of the Tigershark figured it out. The Dead are an old multi species society that tried what the Antoo and the Narth have tried.

Moving from one plane of existence to the next. Like many other old civilizations that tried the "Dead" failed. Their bodies entombed and their "essence" trapped between planes.

The Belmac discovered Tomb World a few thousand years ago and due to their latent psionic abilities were able to hear the dead.

Since their Psionics are not very good, they only hear some of the "words" and "mumbling".

Erica and her crew assisted by a local boy and his friend solved the mystery. Released the dead. It was decided not to publicize the result as it would seriously impact the Belmac. Erica decided to have them figure it out themselves.

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