Culture Scale Letter

The United Stars of the Galaxies is a huge conglomerate of civilizations and cultures and not all are on the same cultural or technological level. From the non classifiable and highly evolved Narth (Culture Type 999 S) on one side of the spectrum to the Trops (Culture Type 010 P) inhabiting a moon in the Afung system, who just developed into a sentient species and only discovered fire a few decades before Union contact was made. There are societies like the Living gaseous clouds of Dirthc Planet ( Culture Type 000 R) who reject any civilization development and communities like the Teks ( Culture Type 800 A) virtually addicted to technology. As a tool for Interspecies communication and interaction, an evaluating scale system was developed, called the CULT - Scale ( CULture Type ). The Scale consists of a three digit number and a letter. The number is calculated from series of determinators and the letter describes the overall state of the civilization in relation to the Union Average.

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